TDK Pro-Am Tournaments Round 2 – Sunday, 3/13/16 @ 2PM CST

Last week was a great event for Team Dragon Knights to get to play with their fans. The players and team members had so much fun that TDK decided to join again last minute for another!

All you have to be is a ranked player on the NA server, any ELO, and you can be competing in free tourneys with or against some of the members of TDK. Joining us this time are Kez, Ohq, Bischu, Trance and Thy

We have a couple players casting the matches tomorrow, and you can watch the streams here:

TDK will enter the Arena Online platform, which currently is solo Q entry for free, on-demand 4-team tournaments. The players will randomly join starting at 2PM CST, the automated match making system will place them into teams with players in the queue. It does not matter if you’re Bronze or Diamond, the players will make it fun and had a great time interacting with all of their teammates last week. Plenty of low ELO players had a blast, as well as the highest ones.

TDK is going to be streaming through their own channels, which you can watch here, if you can’t participate:

The Details:

  • Top 40 players based on Qualifier Points earned on Arena Onlinethis weekend get $25 in Riot Points
  • Tournaments will be hosted through Arena Online, a platform for gamers of all skill levels who want to compete in online tournaments for points, cash and prizes
  • The format for the tournament is 5v5 on Summoners Rift, Single Elimination, Solo Queue entry
  • The platform will go live at 2PM CST today for their regularly scheduled Closed BETA tournaments, but you can get your account set up as soon as you like to get ready for TDK at 2PM here:
  • Entering is easy, you create your account on that link
  • Link your summoner following the instructions
  • At 2PM CST (3PM EST, 12PM PDT) on-demand tournaments begin
  • At that time the team will join and play until 5PM! Note the time zones

The way Arena Online works allows you to immediately re-queue if you lose your match or tournament. The team will be playing many tournaments throughout that time frame, so your odds of playing with them will be high!

Ok everyone, if you have any questions, ask them here. Otherwise, we’ll see you on the Rift!

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