League of Bronze: Vision in League of Legends

Article by Michelle Nguyen


Why Vision is Important

Wards are an essential part of League of Legends. In Bronze games wards can sway the match one way or another, and in higher level games, single wards can sometimes determine the outcome of an entire match. When people are caught out of position, it is commonly due to the fact that they are walking blindly into areas without vision. If everyone on a team wards in the proper locations, the vision gained can ensure no one gets caught in these situations, since any region of Summoner’s Rift a player may wander to will be visible .

“There is no denying that there is evil in this world, but the light will always conquer the darkness.” While this may seem overly dramatic when applied to vision in League of Legends don’t laugh, treating the concept of vision seriously is important to winning games. The more vision your team has through wards that have been placed, the easier it is for your team to navigate around the map and not get killed by your opponents.

Regularly in bronze games, the map is largely covered by fog of war. The majority of the wards that are on the map are placed by the support, who is restricted on the amount of wards that can be active at any given time. Supports can only place 3 stealth wards utilizing their trinket or Sightstone, and 1 pink ward on the map at once. These limitations prevent supports from putting more than 4 wards on the map at one time, providing insufficient coverage.

You will often hear people in Bronze say “well, it’s NOT my job to ward, blame the support for not warding!”. During the laning phase and mid game supports normally have a limited amount of wards, and they are restricted to the area of the map between the bottom and middle lanes for most of that time. To benefit yourself and your team, remember to use your trinkets and buy pink wards for extra vision instead of falsely assuming your support can do the job on their own.

Often times non support players rely solely on their trinkets for vision. The limited amount of stealth wards available through a trinket generally does not provide enough vision to be safe from ganks and keep vision of objectives. This is the reason buying vision wards is important. Besides being able to place another ward on the map, vision wards are beneficial in a variety of ways including:

  • Not expiring unless destroyed by the enemy team
  • Having 4 health and when out of combat regenerating 1 health every 3 seconds
  • Revealing stealth champions, objects, and wards


ward placement

Ward Locations and Intents

A ward placed anywhere on the map will benefit your team, but knowing specifically where to ward and when to ward can help you win the game. As RussianBobster has written about on the site previously, learning how to play the game from a macro strategy standpoint provides more benefits than learning how to play individual champions. Although learning champion mechanics is important, if you do not understand core concepts, you will likely win your lane but lose the game. You can read more about the concept in this article “Stop Learning to Play Champions & Learn How to Play the Game“.

The location of wards should be based on the current state and perceived future state of a game. If a player is trying to farm safely in lane, he or she should set up defensive wards to prevent ganks. If an objective like Dragon is spawning soon, someone on the team should get vision of the dragon and paths the enemy team may take to reach it to establish a vision advantage. If a team composition depends on rotating quickly and/or securing picks, offensive wards need to be set up on the opposing team’s side of the map to catch players out of position.

Determining ward placement with intention while considering in game factors is critical. Because of this fluid nature of proper ward placement it is impossible to provide a definitive list of areas of the map to ward at certain times. What can be provided is a list of common ward placements coupled with the intended purposes of placing wards in those positions. (The original article with an explanation for the colored arrows in the image on the right from Age Gaming can be found here)



If only two concepts are taken from the topics covered in this article remember the importance of vision and taking the time to couple ward placement with intent instead of habit or instinct. Appropriate this information and utilize it to transform Bronze games from appearing as if a perpetual Nocturne ultimate is occurring to appearing as if a continuous Twisted Fate ultimate is occurring.

Did you enjoy my article? Help me pick my topic for the next article! Leave a comment below mentioning what topic you think I should write about! Also, if you want to practice warding to improve in a competitive environment, check out the video below to learn how to participate in free League of Legends tournaments for players of any skill level with daily and weekly prizes on the line.


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