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Subscription Service Announcement

The team at Attaq Online is proud to announce the switch from the current system of running individual tournaments players pay to enter, to a subscription system that provides subscribers with unlimited tournament access. Imagine paying one monthly fee that enables a user to enter unlimited tournaments with the opportunity to win cash and prizes along the way.


Reasoning & Explanation

Based on internal assessment and user feedback the Attaq Online team have determined that a subscription service is a better option for both users and the company. The system will be easier for users to understand and utilize because of the standardized structure and will provide greater value to players through a fully realized tournament ecosystem. This system also allows the Attaq Online team to consolidate and strengthen messaging to attract and inform potential users. In conjunction with other new and updated features, this system contributes to the overall goal of simultaneously simplifying and enhancing the user experience at Attaq Online.


Open & Subscriber Only Tournaments

The introduction of a subscription service does not mean that free to enter tournaments will be completely removed from Attaq Online. In addition to the subscription option players will still have the opportunity to join free to enter tournaments to compete for cash and/or prizes. A full description of the upcoming tournament ecosystem will be released closer to the official launch of the new subscription service.


Suspending Tournaments During Transition

During the 2 to 3 month transition period from the current system to the subscription system, Attaq Online will be suspending all tournaments except for Subwars. This suspension is necessary because individual pay to enter tournaments are not meant to coexist with the upcoming subscription service. The numerous feature updates and additions during this period also need to be implemented efficiently and tested rigorously, so the development team will be fully committed to this process without the need to address any technical tasks and/or bug fixes related to normal tournament operation. For those curious, below is a list of some of the features, events, and functionality that will be available when or shortly after the platform returns.


Features, Events, & Functionality
Tournament Ecosystem Live Chat Support
Guaranteed Payouts Improved Leader Boards
Refer a Friend Program Free 14 Day Subscription Trial
Digital Rewards Winter Series Invitational
Loyalty Program Refer a Friend Tournament



Updates & Testing

During the transition period Attaq Online team members will be releasing updates and additional information through the company website, blog, Discord server, and social media channels. Attaq Online developers will also be looking for volunteers to help with testing during the later stages of the transition. More information about the testing process and benefits for participants will be released in the coming weeks.


Thanks to the Community

The Attaq Online team would like to thank the community for all of the previous support and continued endorsement moving forward. Every member of the team truly believes in the upcoming transition and is excited to provide the community with the features and services essential to making this goal a reality.


Thank You & See You Competing Again Soon,

The Attaq Online Team



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  • What you guys doing?

    8-12 weeks??? LUL

  • Johnathan Pow

    How many weeks has it been? Hasn’t it been more than 8 – 12 weeks since Aug 7th?