$25,000 Tournament Rules


Remember, Attaq Online will never ask for your user name or password.

The Attaq Online $25k tournament is an “Open Class”, 2 flight, 64 team, single elimination tournament that will be provided for our early supporters through Indiegogo and Beta testing. The 2 flight tournament is one of many tournament types that will be featured on the Attaq Online tournament platform.

Teams for the tournament will be created to contain players with skill levels approximate to those of other teams within their flight. All teams will be balanced overall relative to opposing teams in their flight and have an equal chance at winning the tournament.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at admin@attaqonline.com with the subject title as “$25k Tournament”.


To be eligible to compete in Attaq Online tournaments players must meet the following requirements:


Players must have a ranked level 30 account to compete. Unranked accounts will not be accepted under any circumstances.


Players must have an Attaq Online account and have it validated with their League of Legends account. Players will not be eligible unless this process is complete.


No player or substitute can be an employee of Riot Games Inc. and participate in Attaq Online tournaments.


LCS Pro Players on the starting roster must receive prior consent to participate in Attaq Online tournaments from Riot Games, Inc. and their respective team owners.


You must be at least 13 years old to participate in Attaq Online tournaments. In addition, to be eligible for cash rewards you must be at least 18 years old or have parental consent for those aged 13-17. Minors are not allowed to make cash deposits, but may win cash prizes and utilize those funds to enter cash tournaments or make a withdrawal. Please refer to rule 3.2 for more details on cash withdrawal eligibility.


All players are expected to be ready to participate and join the game lobby. Players are responsible for pre-configuring their in-game settings, rune pages, mastery pages, voice chat and complete client patching.

Players are also responsible for ensuring that their equipment and internet connection meets minimum requirements. Tournaments will not be delayed due to faulty equipment or connection.

Players that are late or do not show up to a tournament will automatically forfeit their spot in the tournament and a substitute will be found.

Every match will be played on the Summoners Rift map on tournament draft mode in a 5v5 format. Tournament draft mode can be located under the Custom Game section. Attaq Online will provide you with a tournament code to paste into the tournament code section on the League of Legends client.


All tournaments will start on time, and it will be the responsibility of the player to be prepared and checked into the tournament. Once a tournament start commences, players will be dropped into their team lobby automatically. There will be a 3 minute window to allow players to make final preparations, scout the enemy team and strategize.


Teams that are missing a player can call for a moderator if a player fails to join the in-game lobby after 7 minutes of in-lobby time. The system will search for a new player and prioritize players with relatively equal skill to that of the missing player. If a player of that skill is not available, the search parameters will widen until a substitution is found. Players that frequently no show for tournaments or AFK during a tournament will be met with the appropriate penalty at Attaq Online’s sole discretion.


In Attaq Online tournaments, players will be randomly ordered and placed into the team lobby. At this time, the team will have to determine player roles for the match. Attaq Online strongly encourages a cooperative effort, allowing players to play in their best roles to give the team the best chance of winning.


There will be a 3 minute countdown at the start of the tournament and a 3 minute countdown between each subsequent round. Once the timer reaches 0, the tournament platform will provide the players with a tournament code, in which they must immediately copy and paste into Custom Tournament section in the League of Legends client.

Teams will have 7 minutes to make their way to the League of Legends tournament lobby. After 7 minutes, the teams are required to call for a moderator if there are missing players or uncooperative players. Missing players may be reported after the match conclusion. Teams that are failing to cooperate may call in a moderator to arbitrate the situation.


Once the teams are in the lobby, the teams are required to join the side indicated from the Attaq Online platform, as is determined randomly.


In On-Demand tournaments, teams will be randomly seeded into the brackets.


Only a moderator can issue a game restart. If there is an issue with a team or player, please request a moderator to resolve the issue. Some issues can be resolved without a game restart. Once first blood has been achieved, you are no longer allowed a game restart.


Both teams have up to 5 minutes of pause time allowance in the event of a disconnection. Disconnection is the ONLY reason that pauses are allowed. Other issues such as high ping, mechanical problems of mouse, keyboard, headsets etc. are NOT acceptable reasons for a pause. Once 5 minutes have been reached, the team must un-pause the game and continue. The team that is un-pausing MUST provide a ready check to the opposing team. Violations and abuse of the pause feature, as well as failure to provide a ready check will be met with the appropriate punishment, up to a match forfeiture. Severe pause abuse may include an account permanent ban.


Attaq Online may impose restrictions on in-game champions, items and other areas if there is a known and exploitable bug that gains an unfair advantage.


The match results and statistics will be automatically reported back to Attaq Online. If you are still in the tournament, you will be dropped into the tournament lobby until the next round begins, at which time you will then enter the team lobby. If you are out of the tournament, you will be dropped into the main lobby.


At the end of the tournament, the rewards will be updated and displayed in each players profile and Qualifier Points will be tallied.


Attaq Online reserves the right to cancel or reschedule tournaments at any time, for any reason, with or without notice.


For the $25k tournament, there will be $25,000 in total cash prizes that will be split between 2 flights, as well as Qualifier Points. The following is the payout schedule for each tournament flight:

1st: $3,500 per team, 700 per player
2nd: $2,000 per team, 400 per player
3rd-4th: $1000 per team, 200 per player
5th-8th: $500 per team, 100 per player
9th-16th: $375 per team, 75 per player

All Participants will receive at least 1 QP

The top 4 teams are qualified for the a future Attaq Online Invitational tournament! (More details will be provided at a later date).


Cash prize payouts will be distributed to player accounts. Players can then make withdrawal requests through our partnered merchant services.

Sponsored prizes such as computer hardware, headphones and mice will be shipped to the winner’s address that is associated with their user profile.

Digital rewards such as icons, art, profile upgrades and Riot Points will be distributed immediately. Riot Points can be redeemed through a code that is given to you.


Cash payment requests can take 3-5 business days to process.

In order to be able to make a withdrawal request, you must be a verified user for security purposes. The verification process validates your identity, address and banking information and may require a 1099 or W-9 for prizes exceeding $600 in a year as required by law.

If you are a minor and are requesting a withdrawal, a parent or legal guardian will be required to supply validation of consent and identity, as well as fill out a 1099 or W-9 as required by law.

This information is strictly confidential and will not be solicited to 3rd party vendors.


Prize splitting is not allowed in Attaq Online tournaments. If prize splitting is detected, those players will be appropriately punished.


A player that is replaced by a substitute will no longer be eligible to participate in that tournament. It is required by the player to have a stable internet connection and outside circumstances under control. This is to discourage players from leaving tournaments or being unprepared.

3.4.1 Cash Payout

Once the player is removed from the tournament, he or she will be awarded any prize amount earned up to that point based on the last round he or she completed, if any. The replacement player will be eligible to join the tournament for free and be eligible for tournament prize payout based on the position he or she finishes in the event, minus the prize that was paid out to the player he or she replaced. This is to encourage players to actively participate in substitution opportunities.

(Example: Player A makes it to the Round of 4 but has to leave the tournament. Since the last round Player A completed was the Round of 8, that player will be entitled to awards associated with that round.  Player A won $10. Now Player B is substituted in to replace Player A. Whether Player B loses in the Round of 4 or wins and makes it to the Finals, Player B will win the difference of the prize payout. If player B lost in the Round of 4 and the payout for that place is $20. Player B would receive $10, which is the difference between Player A and Player B payouts.)

If a player lost internet connection during a tournament, that player is not eligible for a refund. The same rule applies to other reasons such as an emergency, personal reasons or your cat unplugged your computer are not acceptable reasons due to the difficulty in proving those circumstances.

3.4.2 Qualifier Point Payout

A player that drops from a tournament will not be eligible for Qualifier Point payouts. The replacement player that completes the tournament will be awarded the Qualifier Points associated with his/her finish. This is to incentivize potential substitute players to join the tournament, and to discourage players from dropping tournaments.


Players are expected to adhere to Attaq Online tournament rules, as well as codes/rules that are established by supported games. In a tournament setting, there is more on the line, such as cash, gear, trips and digital rewards. Because of this, it is important for players to strive to work together, and exhibit sportsman like behavior.

In tournaments, there is more emotional involvement, and negative comments can easily put a player on tilt, making them perform significantly worse and greatly reduce your teams chances to win. Teams that are in the lead can easily throw, so it is vital to your team’s success to stay positive. In general, cooler heads will prevail.

If a player fails to abide by the rules, regulations, and behavioral standards set forth by Attaq Online and it’s supported games, those players are subject to appropriate penalties according to section 4.4.


Once a player joins a tournament, it is expected that the player is prepared. Players should log into Attaq Online several minutes before a scheduled tournament begins. If a player does not show up to a tournament in time, the player will be removed and replaced by a substitute. Repeat offences of this will result in suspension, bans and in severe cases forfeiture of winnings.

A player may unregister from a tournament up to 10 minutes prior to the start of a tournament. Once the 10 minute window has closed, the players are locked into the tournament and a refund will not be issued.

Once a match begins, a player has 3 minutes to get to the match creation lobby in the League of Legends client by simply copy and pasting the code that the platform provides. If a player fails to arrive at the 3 minute mark, teams are required to launch the game. The player in question will be met with adequate punishment.


Every player agrees to follow tournament rules and regulations. Attaq Online strives to maintain tournament integrity for the fairness and enjoyment of the players. Players who violate tournament rules will result in penalties according to section 4.4.


Players have the right to an enjoyable tournament experience. By entering a tournament, it is understood that there is a chance to lose, but losing does not grant a player the right to berate or demoralize teammates or opponents. Violators will be warned, and repeat violators will face penalties according to section 4.4.


To enforce tournament integrity and player behavior, the following penalty schedule, without limitation, has been set forth:


Minor Infractions will result in a series of warnings in an effort to correct the behavior before more sever penalties are warranted.

  • Unsportsmanlike behavior such as excessive swearing or negativity
  • Failure to cooperate with the team
  • False accusations


Major infraction penalties can range from warnings to suspension of the account in question. Suspension of accounts may include freezing of tournament winnings until the account is returned to good standing.

  • Failure to follow tournament rules
  • Punctuality infractions
  • Intentionally feeding or throwing a game
  • AFKing from a game
  • Personal threats
  • Repeat offenders of minor infractions


Severe infraction penalties can range from suspension to a temporary ban for up to a year. Suspension and temporary bans may include freezing of tournament winnings until the account is returned to good standing.

  • Repeat offenders of Major/Minor Infractions
  • Intentional disruption of tournament operations
  • Cheating such as attempting to game the system, or having someone else play on an account other than the account owner, colluding with the enemy team or fellow teammates, or multiple accounts owned by the same user in the same tournament, impersonating a player or account, triggering a game pause to gain a tactical advantage, exploiting in-game bugs and other means to gain an advantage.

Attaq Online has built in cheat detection systems to maintain tournament integrity and fairness to the players. Cheaters will be dealt with swiftly and harshly. If you are thinking about cheating, don’t do it. We will catch you, so it will not be worth it.


Egregious infraction penalties will range from temporary ban of the account in question to permanent ban of all accounts owned by the user. Permanent bans will result in forfeiture of tournament winnings. Additional legal action may be taken depending on the severity of the infraction.

  • Repeat offenders of Major/Minor/Severe Infractions
  • Account theft (Attaq Online will never ask for your user name or password)
  • Attempted hacking or server attacks, attacks against Attaq Online


The rules were created and  are enforced to promote tournament integrity and safety for the players, as well as a fun tournament experience. Players should abide by the tournament rules and assist Attaq Online by policing each other to make sure that rules infractions do not occur.


Attaq Online reserves the right to make final decisions about the interpretation of the rules including player eligibility, scheduling, tournament format, and penalties for rules infractions.


Attaq Online reserves the right to amend or supplement the rules at its sole discretion, at any time, with or without notice.